ServeInspire's Origins 

ServeInspire began as a small Thanksgiving tradition between the founders/mother and son duo, Juli and Blake Carter. Most Thanksgiving’s were small family gatherings and sometimes just the two of them. And while they loved to cook for Thanksgiving, they weren't fond of traditional Thanksgiving food. They started taking an entire meal and going into downtown Austin to feed those who had been displaced. Year after year, people wanted to join in and feed the homeless or less fortunate on the holiday. Blake grew a passion to help the displaced and in need. Blake and Juli eventually came up with the idea to create an organization that regularly supports those who have been displaced. That is when they created Blake’s Plate. They began holding events where they were not just feeding, but providing supplies like backpacks, toiletries, snacks, clothes and other necessary items to help these people survive. As volunteers increased these events got bigger and better and more impactful.

ServeInspire's Story 

Around the beginning of 2019, they wanted to start taking steps to making a bigger impact on the lives of the homeless and those in poverty. So they decided to create an organization that can act as a support system for all the ways they want to help these people. So, ServeInspire was born! And now, they not only provide food and supplies but are growing into bigger and better actions. Like, clothing, job placement, mental health support, education, and  are able to reach a bigger audience than just the displaced on the street. Now, we can access those in situations where they cannot afford housing, food and cannot find jobs. To see the impact that they have made and are going to create, is what is most exciting and keeps ServeInspire moving forward.

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Code of Ethics 

Acceptance - We accept those from all walks of life. Allowing everyone to serve alongside us and never discriminating against those whom we serve.

Compassion - Treat every situation with compassion. While it may not always be easy, there are always people that need our help.

Enthusiasm - Along with the services we provide, enthusiasm is what we bring to those involved with ServeInspire. We are intentional about delivering eager enjoyment to those we serve.

Empowerment - Always seek to empower people, never enable them. In order to truly make a difference, It is more effective to provide tools to support people to change their lives rather than delivering the initial reward.

Transparency - Being fully open and honest about everything within our organization. Transparency to the board, staff, donors, the public and to those that we serve.

Responsiveness - Reacting quickly and with enthusiasm in a timely manner in all means of communication.

Respect - Communicating and handling people with sincere regard to their feelings, and humanity. Treating everyone, from those that we serve to our biggest donor, with the same decency and humility.

Joy - When we deliver the tenets listed, we have the opportunity to create true joy in peoples lives. Making people happy, changing lives and making a difference.